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16. Spicy Tamarind Coconut Chutney

My absolute favourite! I have been addicted to this Kerala (a South Indian State) recipe since childhood. Even to this day, my extended family talks about my attachment to this dish and often makes it when I am visiting them. This is usually served as a side dish and goes great with rice.

Warning: It is a spicy dish if you add more than 1 red chili. Most people like it that way, but I prefer less hot and sourer.

The sour taste comes from Tamarind pulp which you can buy from an Indian, Chinese, or Japanese grocery store. You may also get them in a Middle Eastern grocery shop. Buy the pulp rather than the paste concentrate.

A tamarind pulp
Coconut2 cups grated
Red Chili (raw or dried)1 piece (more for your taste)
Tamarind1/2 a handful, soak in water
Urad Dal (black gram)2 handful
Curry leavesa handful
Oil1-2 tablespoons
Salt1/2-1 teaspoon


  1. Heat oil in a small pan.
  2. Add Urad daal and dry till brown.
  3. Add red chili. Mix.
  4. Add coconut and roast till it turns brown.
  5. Turn the heat off, and transfer the ingredients from the pan to a mixer, food processor, or blender.
  6. In the food mixer, add the soaked tamarind, the soaked water, salt, and curry leaves.
  7. Pulse the mixture into a fine paste, slightly coarse.

Serve it with rice or a roti, as a side dish.

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    16. Spicy Tamarind Coconut Chutney