• svg22/10/2023Western Food

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    This recipe is exactly the same as the 23. Roasted Cheesy Potatoes but this one has Sweet potatoes instead, and no cheese. You could add cheese if you wanted to. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Sweet Potatoes (large) Cubes, cut medium size (chunky!) Coriander powder 1-2 table spoons Turmeric 1 tablespoon Hing/Asafoetida 1 tablespoon Any spice/curry powder mix*(biriyani/sambhar/pav

  • svg15/10/2023Middle Eastern

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    Who doesn’t love this beautiful and healthy dip? No one! Along with any yoghurt dips, hummus is probably my most loved dip. I have it every day and is a part of my fitness nutrition program. It’s got proteins, carbohydrates and fat. I don’t buy the commercial ones but instead make my own. It’s so

  • svg14/10/2023Western Food

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    First up – sorry! I didn’t take any photos of the ingredients and the preparations 🙁 I was in a hurry to make it as I had to rush out the door for an appointment. Luckily, this recipe is easy to make so you may not need many photos after all! INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes (large)

  • svg12/03/2023Indian Food

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    An absolute favourite, especially on a rainy day, which is what is happening today in Sydney. Everyone loves a good rajma curry – whether South Asian or not. Normally, milk cream is used in this recipe to give it that restaurant-style “gravy-ness” but I usually use coconut milk. You could use coconut cream also. So,

  • svg09/03/2023Chinese Food

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    Didn’t feel like toast this morning. It’s a Thursday, the weekend is almost here, it’s a sunny day and I had an awesome sleep. It’s time for a handsome breakfast! I was toying between the classic Western Indian snack of Bhel puri or the Southern Indian classic of Upma. But I decided to go with

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  • svg08/03/2023Indian Food

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    Probably, my go-to dish during work days. So easy to make and so quick too. And the taste is DIVINE. This is how I made it. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes 3 medium-sized, cubed Cauliflower 2 cups Carrots 2 cups Pumpkin 1 cup Green Capsicum 1 cup Red Capsicum 1/2 cup Green Beans 1 cup Peas 1

  • svg25/02/2023Indian Food

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    Strapped for time? Need a curry in a hurry? Yes, and you want it healthy too? Below is what you want because it worked really for me. It’s delicious! INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Spinach frozen, 3 packets Tomato 1 can Coconut milk 1 can Garam Masala 3 tablespoons Cumin Powder 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder 1 teaspoon Turmeric

  • svg24/02/2023Western Food

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    A really easy dish to make! I am surprised how many people have actually liked them. They think it’s exotic! Ingredients Quantity Any white rice 1-2 cups Carrots 1 cup thinly chopped Cherry Tomato (optional) 5-8 pieces chopped to small Cucumber 1 chopped to small Green capsicum 1/2 piece chopped to small Red capsicum 1/2

  • svg22/02/2023Middle Eastern

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    This is my own favourite recipe in the sense I am using multiple leaves rather than just parsley and I am baking this falafel which is a much healthier option compared to the deep fry. However, I have a recipe for the deep-fried version also. When fried, the falafel is much more crispy whereas in

  • svg21/02/2023Indian Food

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    My absolute favourite! I have been addicted to this Kerala (a South Indian State) recipe since childhood. Even to this day, my extended family talks about my attachment to this dish and often makes it when I am visiting them. This is usually served as a side dish and goes great with rice. Warning: It