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    An absolute favourite, especially on a rainy day, which is what is happening today in Sydney. Everyone loves a good rajma curry – whether South Asian or not. Normally, milk cream is used in this recipe to give it that restaurant-style “gravy-ness” but I usually use coconut milk. You could use coconut cream also. So,

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    Probably, my go-to dish during work days. So easy to make and so quick too. And the taste is DIVINE. This is how I made it. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes 3 medium-sized, cubed Cauliflower 2 cups Carrots 2 cups Pumpkin 1 cup Green Capsicum 1 cup Red Capsicum 1/2 cup Green Beans 1 cup Peas 1

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    Strapped for time? Need a curry in a hurry? Yes, and you want it healthy too? Below is what you want because it worked really for me. It’s delicious! INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Spinach frozen, 3 packets Tomato 1 can Coconut milk 1 can Garam Masala 3 tablespoons Cumin Powder 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder 1 teaspoon Turmeric

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    My absolute favourite! I have been addicted to this Kerala (a South Indian State) recipe since childhood. Even to this day, my extended family talks about my attachment to this dish and often makes it when I am visiting them. This is usually served as a side dish and goes great with rice. Warning: It

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    One of my favourite yoghurt side-dish! I learnt it from a close friend a few years ago and I fell in love with it. I have never seen it served in a restaurant before nor have I had it in my home or anyone else’s. So, I assume this is a creation of my friend’s

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    Let me first explain 3 things: Upma: Usually referred to a dish made using semolina or granulated wheat. But in this recipe, I am replacing it with Vermicelli. Vermicelli: Perhaps you know of this food item already but if you don’t, it’s basically spaghetti but thinner in shape, and more popular in Asian regions. Yellow:

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    Everyone loves a good Indian roti! While most restaurant-goers are familiar with the naans and parathas variety of roti, the most common one at Indian homes is actually, THE CHAPATI. In West, North, and Central India, chapati is a daily meal item. Sometimes for all 3 meals! The South Indians are more into rice-based meals

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    A dish that’s quite famous in South India, particularly Kerala. Simply called, “potato masala”, it’s a dish often had with dosa or pooris (deep-fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour). It’s popularly called, “poori masala” because it’s often the chosen accompaniment to pooris in South India. Really easy to make and a great dish for

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    A nice dry and spicy protein dish, that goes with bread or rice! Easy to make. First off, a disclaimer: This recipe is definitely an unrecipe! I have deviated a bit from the original classical recipe. What is the classical recipe? Basically, you marinate the cooked chickpeas with the “pindi chole” masala powder, then you

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    As always, this one is easy to make also but it does have some cutting and chopping up to do first. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes 2 medium size, cubed Eggplants 1/2 of a big one, cube it also Carrots 1 big carrot, sliced Green capsicum 1 small Red capsicum 1 small Green peas 1 cup frozen