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    This recipe is exactly the same as the 23. Roasted Cheesy Potatoes but this one has Sweet potatoes instead, and no cheese. You could add cheese if you wanted to. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Sweet Potatoes (large) Cubes, cut medium size (chunky!) Coriander powder 1-2 table spoons Turmeric 1 tablespoon Hing/Asafoetida 1 tablespoon Any spice/curry powder mix*(biriyani/sambhar/pav

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    First up – sorry! I didn’t take any photos of the ingredients and the preparations 🙁 I was in a hurry to make it as I had to rush out the door for an appointment. Luckily, this recipe is easy to make so you may not need many photos after all! INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes (large)

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    A really easy dish to make! I am surprised how many people have actually liked them. They think it’s exotic! Ingredients Quantity Any white rice 1-2 cups Carrots 1 cup thinly chopped Cherry Tomato (optional) 5-8 pieces chopped to small Cucumber 1 chopped to small Green capsicum 1/2 piece chopped to small Red capsicum 1/2

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    No, it’s not a type of wheat. Buckwheat is a flowering plant and the seeds that look like grains, are what we eat. It’s quite a popular dish with Eastern Europeans but it is making some inroads with the South Asian community if they want an alternative to grains and something that still taste like

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    Made it for the first time today and I think there is no turning back to another type! I am serious. I make pizza once a month at least and I bake my own crust. They come out well – the soft and spongy type. The thick crust. But I have struggled to make the

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