• svg20/02/2023Chinese Food

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    For lunch today, I thought of having some noodles. It’s been a few days of rice and bread. I didn’t have any particular recipe in mind (as usual!) but when I looked in the refrigerator, I knew I had to be more creative than usual – I basically didn’t have sufficient ingredients to make a

  • svg17/02/2023Western Food

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    No, it’s not a type of wheat. Buckwheat is a flowering plant and the seeds that look like grains, are what we eat. It’s quite a popular dish with Eastern Europeans but it is making some inroads with the South Asian community if they want an alternative to grains and something that still taste like

  • svg15/02/2023Indian Food

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    One of my favourite yoghurt side-dish! I learnt it from a close friend a few years ago and I fell in love with it. I have never seen it served in a restaurant before nor have I had it in my home or anyone else’s. So, I assume this is a creation of my friend’s

  • svg14/02/2023Indian Food

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    Let me first explain 3 things: Upma: Usually referred to a dish made using semolina or granulated wheat. But in this recipe, I am replacing it with Vermicelli. Vermicelli: Perhaps you know of this food item already but if you don’t, it’s basically spaghetti but thinner in shape, and more popular in Asian regions. Yellow:

  • svg13/02/2023Indian Food

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    Everyone loves a good Indian roti! While most restaurant-goers are familiar with the naans and parathas variety of roti, the most common one at Indian homes is actually, THE CHAPATI. In West, North, and Central India, chapati is a daily meal item. Sometimes for all 3 meals! The South Indians are more into rice-based meals

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  • svg12/02/2023Western Food

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    Made it for the first time today and I think there is no turning back to another type! I am serious. I make pizza once a month at least and I bake my own crust. They come out well – the soft and spongy type. The thick crust. But I have struggled to make the

  • svg11/02/2023Indian Food

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    A dish that’s quite famous in South India, particularly Kerala. Simply called, “potato masala”, it’s a dish often had with dosa or pooris (deep-fried bread made from unleavened whole-wheat flour). It’s popularly called, “poori masala” because it’s often the chosen accompaniment to pooris in South India. Really easy to make and a great dish for

  • svg10/02/2023Indian Food

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    A nice dry and spicy protein dish, that goes with bread or rice! Easy to make. First off, a disclaimer: This recipe is definitely an unrecipe! I have deviated a bit from the original classical recipe. What is the classical recipe? Basically, you marinate the cooked chickpeas with the “pindi chole” masala powder, then you

  • svg09/02/2023Middle Eastern

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    This is my own favourite recipe! I have cooked it a few times both baked and fried and had other people try it and they love it too. What is the Multi-leaf falafel? The traditional falafel recipe uses only parsley along with chickpeas. I use the following: Using a good collection of your favourite leaves,

  • svg08/02/2023Indian Food

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    As always, this one is easy to make also but it does have some cutting and chopping up to do first. INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Potatoes 2 medium size, cubed Eggplants 1/2 of a big one, cube it also Carrots 1 big carrot, sliced Green capsicum 1 small Red capsicum 1 small Green peas 1 cup frozen