24. Hummus

Who doesn’t love this beautiful and healthy dip? No one!

Along with any yoghurt dips, hummus is probably my most loved dip. I have it every day and is a part of my fitness nutrition program. It’s got proteins, carbohydrates and fat. I don’t buy the commercial ones but instead make my own. It’s so easy and quick to make.

Chickpeas (soaked overnight)250 grams
Cumin powder1 tablespoon
Hing/Asafoetida1 teaspoon
Salt1 teaspoon
Olive oil30 ml
Tahini (unhulled) 60 ml
Water (or ice cubes)30 ml (or 4-6 cubes)
Lemon juice60 ml
Paprika powder1 teaspoon

You will need a good blender to make hummus.

There are 2 ways to make it – one from cooking experts and the other from people who have no time 🙂

One set of experts says: Blend the paste first (tahini + lemon juice) and then add the rest of the ingredients & blend. They also say to peel the chickpeas!

Another set of experts say: Same as above but don’t add olive oil to the blender. Add it as a topping once the hummus is ready.

The rest of us (the busy ones!) prefer to add everything and blend it all together. Also, who has time to peel chickpeas?

Honestly, I have tried both, and both times they have tasted well. My go-to technique is everything together because I often forget the expert’s instructions!

What everyone does agree on is – to use ice cubes, use fresh chickpeas soaked overnight, use unhulled tahini, and use good olive oil too.


  1. Blend together the tahini and lemon juice into a fine paste

2. Add the overnight soaked chickpeas. Remove the soaked water and give it a wash before adding to the blender.

3. Add water or ice cubes, followed by all other ingredients, and give it a good blend till you have a paste. Every now and then, stop the blender, manually move the contents with a spatula, and then blend again.

4. Once all is done, and if you are following the method of adding olive oil at the end, then add the olive oil and give it a good mix.

5. Serve it as a dip with your favourite vegetables, biscuits, or even with bread.

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    24. Hummus