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  • svg25/02/2023Indian Food

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    Strapped for time? Need a curry in a hurry? Yes, and you want it healthy too? Below is what you want because it worked really for me. It’s delicious! INGREDIENTS QUANTITY Spinach frozen, 3 packets Tomato 1 can Coconut milk 1 can Garam Masala 3 tablespoons Cumin Powder 1 teaspoon Coriander Powder 1 teaspoon Turmeric

  • svg24/02/2023Western Food

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    A really easy dish to make! I am surprised how many people have actually liked them. They think it’s exotic! Ingredients Quantity Any white rice 1-2 cups Carrots 1 cup thinly chopped Cherry Tomato (optional) 5-8 pieces chopped to small Cucumber 1 chopped to small Green capsicum 1/2 piece chopped to small Red capsicum 1/2

  • svg22/02/2023Middle Eastern

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    This is my own favourite recipe in the sense I am using multiple leaves rather than just parsley and I am baking this falafel which is a much healthier option compared to the deep fry. However, I have a recipe for the deep-fried version also. When fried, the falafel is much more crispy whereas in

  • svg21/02/2023Indian Food

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    My absolute favourite! I have been addicted to this Kerala (a South Indian State) recipe since childhood. Even to this day, my extended family talks about my attachment to this dish and often makes it when I am visiting them. This is usually served as a side dish and goes great with rice. Warning: It

  • svg20/02/2023Chinese Food

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    For lunch today, I thought of having some noodles. It’s been a few days of rice and bread. I didn’t have any particular recipe in mind (as usual!) but when I looked in the refrigerator, I knew I had to be more creative than usual – I basically didn’t have sufficient ingredients to make a

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  • svg17/02/2023Western Food

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    No, it’s not a type of wheat. Buckwheat is a flowering plant and the seeds that look like grains, are what we eat. It’s quite a popular dish with Eastern Europeans but it is making some inroads with the South Asian community if they want an alternative to grains and something that still taste like

  • svg15/02/2023Indian Food

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    One of my favourite yoghurt side-dish! I learnt it from a close friend a few years ago and I fell in love with it. I have never seen it served in a restaurant before nor have I had it in my home or anyone else’s. So, I assume this is a creation of my friend’s

  • svg14/02/2023Indian Food

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    Let me first explain 3 things: Upma: Usually referred to a dish made using semolina or granulated wheat. But in this recipe, I am replacing it with Vermicelli. Vermicelli: Perhaps you know of this food item already but if you don’t, it’s basically spaghetti but thinner in shape, and more popular in Asian regions. Yellow:

  • svg13/02/2023Indian Food

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    Everyone loves a good Indian roti! While most restaurant-goers are familiar with the naans and parathas variety of roti, the most common one at Indian homes is actually, THE CHAPATI. In West, North, and Central India, chapati is a daily meal item. Sometimes for all 3 meals! The South Indians are more into rice-based meals

  • svg12/02/2023Western Food

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    Made it for the first time today and I think there is no turning back to another type! I am serious. I make pizza once a month at least and I bake my own crust. They come out well – the soft and spongy type. The thick crust. But I have struggled to make the