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20. Mixed Vegetable Curry with Paneer (dry)

Probably, my go-to dish during work days. So easy to make and so quick too. And the taste is DIVINE.

This is how I made it.

Potatoes3 medium-sized, cubed
Cauliflower2 cups
Carrots2 cups
Pumpkin1 cup
Green Capsicum1 cup
Red Capsicum1/2 cup
Green Beans1 cup
Peas1 cup
Lemon juice5 tablespoons
Coriander leaves1 bunch
Ginger1-inch sliced
Green Chilli1 sliced
Cumin seeds1 teaspoon
Ajwain seeds1 teaspoon
Bay leaf1 leaf
Paneer (cottage cheese)1 pack, cubed
Himalayan Pink Salt1 teaspoon
Oil5 tablespoons
Hing1/2 tablespoon
Turmeric3 tablespoons


  1. Heat oil in a deep pot.
  2. Add bay leaf, ginger and green chilli. Mix for a minute till ginger changes colour slightly.
  3. Add Cumin and Fennel seeds. Mix.
  4. Add Hing and Turmeric. Mix well.
  5. Add all the vegetables and mix everything well. All vegetables should be coated well with turmeric and oil. Sometimes, I add the frozen beans and peas after mixing. The water from the melted ice flows over the vegetables, and is sufficient enough to cook it.
  6. Add a tablespoon of water, close the pot tightly, and let it cook on medium heat, till the potatoes are very soft.
  7. While the potatoes are cooking, fry the paneer. If you don’t it fried, you can add the paneer cubes directly with the vegetables.
  8. Once the vegetables are cooked (very soft), add the coriander leaves and lemon juice, and mix well.

Serve with hot rice, rotis or Lebanese bread.

That’s how it looks when really well cooked.

As I said, while cooking the vegetables, fry the paneer on the side.

Once everything is ready, mix everything really well.
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    20. Mixed Vegetable Curry with Paneer (dry)